Sequestration Meal #358


I went looking for inspiration for using the end of my pappardelle (although I do still have some here; it was a big package), and I wanted something really easy because life is such a profound struggle right now. So I decided to veganize a recipe for what is essentially pappardelle carbonara. I used Sweet Earth bacon for the bacon, Just Egg for the egg, Violife Parmesan for the cheese, and some veggie broth for the broth and it turned out great! Plus you don't have to have the same concerns you would have with undercooked eggs with a vegan version.

The sauce was creamy, though the Sweet Earth bacon is saucy in and of itself, which means it's slightly reddish rather than yellow, so it doesn't quite look like carbonara. But it doesn't matter. It was really delicious! It was pretty easy, too. I'd typically want more veggies but when life throws everything at you at once sometimes you just have to do what you can and make the best of it until you get a bit more control over it all.


  1. Yum! Sometimes you just need a big plate of pasta. Yet another clever use of Just Egg.

    1. I didn't try it for so long! What was I depriving myself of?


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