10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas (Compilation #27)

I may have a breakfast food obsession now, but it's so fun! I have been trying a lot of new things, including sneaking kale into pancakes. There are some savory options here, but as usual most are sweet. But I'm sneaking some veggies into some sweet things as I continue to try to boost my nutrition in the mornings.

1. Green Monster Kale Pancakes with Applesauce and Chopped Apples (Nut Free Option, Soy Free)

Kale seems to come in such huge bags it's hard to get through it all when I buy it, but I'm trying hard not to waste food. I'd learned I could hide kale in smoothies, so why not hide it in pancakes? This recipe from Histamine Friendly was right up my alley. Bonus points for using spelt flour, which I have on hand because my pantry is still full of somewhat unusual things. If you use a nut-free plant milk, it will be nut free. You don't taste kale in this whatsoever, but the pancakes do get colored green--so maybe a St. Patrick's Day option, if you live in the U.S. and eat green food on March 17! The one change I would make is that next time I'd serve this with a warm, chunky applesauce rather than applesauce and raw apples, but I'd definitely have these again.

2. Mayi Moulen with Sos Pwa Nwa (Haitian Cornmeal Porridge with Black Bean Sauce) and Avocado (Gluten Free)

This is a lot of effort at the outset, but if you make the black bean sauce the day before, all you really have to do in the morning is make the cornmeal porridge, which is pretty easy. Or convince someone else to make it for you. In Haiti, this is a common breakfast, or so I am told. It's warm and savory and I just wish it were easier to make! I veganized recipes for the porridge and sauce from the New York Times. Check out my previous post to read how I did it.

3. Watermelon Smoothie with Pineapple, Mango, and Coconut Water (Gluten Free, Soy Free)

Though I love a good banana-based smoothie, sometimes you want other flavors to shine. When I found this recipe, with no bananas whatsoever, I had to try it. I didn't want to go a whole summer without at least some watermelon, after all. The frozen mango and pineapple keep this thick enough to be a smoothie rather than a juice and I didn't miss the banana at all. This is not something I would have on it's own, but with a slice of toast spread with peanut butter it proved to be an excellent start to my day.

4. Eggy French Toast with Blueberries and Maple Syrup (Nut Free, Soy Free)

I've shared other French toasts with you before, but this one is the most like the French toast I remember from childhood. The recipe is from JUST Egg, though I scaled it down to make just two slices. In order to make it the most like my childhood mornings, I used some Wegmans Farmstyle bread, i.e., some white bread, even though I rarely eat white bread anymore. I topped my eggy French toast with blueberries and maple syrup. Although I would make this again for sure--it's really nice to have a sweet breakfast option that incorporates some protein automatically--next time I'd make it less of a sugar bomb and have it with some non-dairy yogurt or stewed berries instead of syrup. I've found that a lot of sugar in the morning doesn't really make me feel my best. But sometimes, you just need the nostalgia, and for that, nothing would beat this.

5. Savory Vegan Breakfast Casserole

I gave you the recipe for this savory casserole a while ago; now, here's one idea of how to round out the meal. I had my casserole with a hash brown patty and a halved clementine. Super satisfying and comforting!

6. Blueberry Banana Toast (Soy Free)

Spread toast with almond butter (or nut butter of choice), then top with blueberries, sliced banana, chia seeds, and maybe some bee-free honey. This is an easy but satisfying breakfast that goes really well with a glass of soy milk.

7. Cheesy Apple Butter Sausage Bake (Nut Free)

This is probably my favorite one in this compilation--it's sweet, savory, and comforting, and I just gave you the recipe, too! It's perfect for fall, and the leftovers are still really good, so you can cook once for four breakfasts if you want.

8. Blueberry-Lemon Energy Balls (Gluten Free, Soy Free)

With fruit and orange juice to go along with them, I was really pleased with these blueberry-lemon energy balls as a breakfast option (recipe at Cozy Peach Kitchen), in part because they were a great make ahead option! Unlike many date-based balls like this, these didn't have that overwhelming date flavor. They tasted delightfully lemony but also still sweet.

9. Warm Raspberry-Apple Compote with Yogurt and Granola (Gluten Free, Nut Free Option, Soy Free)

With that awkward transition from summer into fall, I don't necessarily always want the oven on in the morning, but I also don't want something cold when it's chilly. This is essentially a warm yogurt and granola parfait, and so delicious! I found the recipe for the raspberry apple compote at Kind Earth, and topped my compote with some Siggi's plant-based vanilla cinnamon yogurt and salted caramel granola. If you want this to be nut-free, make sure your yogurt and granola don't contain nuts. Siggi's has macadamia and coconut in its yogurt, so you'll want to find another option if you are allergic to tree nuts. I'd also have really loved this with soy yogurt.

10. Key Lime Pie Smoothie (Gluten Free without Garnish, Nut Free)

Another smoothie? Why not, I make the rules. This one tastes like a nice lime dessert, but it isn't too sugary. I followed this recipe with soy yogurt and agave nectar, put in a few spinach leaves for color, and garnished it with some crumbled graham cracker.

What should I try out next?


  1. It is summer here... well, technically spring but it is going to be 32 degrees C here today so basically yeah, summer is here. That watermelon smoothie sounds just right for a hot day! Of which there will soon be many over here.

    1. Smoothies are great in hot weather! Though honestly I drink them virtually year-round.


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