Monbento Original #40


This seems planned, but it wasn't quite. I went to the store with a rough list and a fair amount of exasperation and distress and decided I hadn't had raspberries in far too long, and bought them without a plan--not that one really needs a raspberry plan, of course. You can just eat them. 

I'd also bought spinach and had a half an avocado that needed eating, and my pantry still has plenty of things in it. To cut this story short, I made this recipe for quinoa spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette at Emilie Eats, but I chopped up the spinach and added avocado and a generous amount of salt and pepper. It just needed that. I didn't want to salt it until I was ready to eat it, though, so I packed some salt in the little rainbow cup. It turned out pretty well! I liked how everything went together, and of course I love putting walnuts in salad. I even liked the chickpeas in this, and I sometimes don't care for chickpeas in salad. I think the vinaigrette really made this great.

Alongside this, I had some Wasa thins with store-bought red pepper hummus.

I'm not cooking all the time, and I'm taking shortcuts, but I'm finding a way to manage myself, perhaps. Hummus is easy to make but easier to buy, and sometimes, it just makes sense to take an easier path.


  1. I am all for buying hummus. I make it sometimes as well. But for convenience and mental health sometimes it is nice to just open a lid and not have to clean up the whole food processor.

    1. Oh, definitely. I have to strike a balance between frugality and sanity.


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