Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pack-a-Snack #3

Tiny cookies and applesauce: the preferred snack of five-year-olds and Ph.D. candidates the world over.

A while ago I saw these mini caramel wafers at the grocery store, and I  had to try them, for two reasons. One: mini stroopwafels! So adorable! Two: I keep getting a surprising number of visitors from the Netherlands on my blog, and I wanted to give them a shout out (these cookies are imported from Holland).

They make a great snack paired with applesauce. I was expecting something different sandwiched between the cookies, but the caramel is not the fluffy creamy stuff you'd get in most American sandwich cookies, but a firm, chewy caramel like you'd find on a caramel apple, which is, I think, what compels me to dip them in applesauce.

The containers here are the two small ones in the Lunchopolis kit.

If you're from the Netherlands, let me know in the comments how you found me!


  1. I love those caramel waffles :-). Would never have thought to combine them with apple sauce.
    I usually buy the bigger ones and place it for a minute or so on top of my mug of tea, the caramel gets all soft and yummie. Watch out that you don't have it too long on top of you mug though, or the whole waffle will fall into your tea!

    There are also some versions made in Wales, but can't remember the brand name..

    1. They are good with hot tea--that's how I typically eat them at home if I don't have applesauce. But they're also really nice with vanilla ice cream you've let melt a little so it's the consistency of soft serve.