Friday, June 2, 2017

Insulated Jar & Sides #24

It's Frito chili pie! VEGAN! No,really! Sour cream, scallions, tomatoes, vegetarian chili topped with cheddar, and Fritos.

I thought, when I began this process, that I would have to find entirely new foods to eat, and I have, but there have been a lot of pleasant surprises in the realm of the familiar. This is one of them.

I've tried a few different vegan sour creams, and this one is my favorite: Tofutti. It's not exactly good for you,but neither is dairy sour cream. So don't eat this in large quantities. But a few tablespoons here and there are probably fine. (Although I'll remind you: I'm a historian, not a medical doctor, so be sure to talk to yours if you have questions.)

Also, cheese: Non-dairy cheese has improved drastically since the last time I tried it (in the first term of George W. Bush, as I recall). You have to melt it, but if you do, it's pretty good. These are Daiya cheddar-style shreds. Here is one really big difference to me, though: I no longer want a lot of cheese. Just a little will do. It's more like a seasoning than a big part of the dish.

I recommend making your own chili, of course, but this will do in a pinch (Hormel).

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