Lunchopolis #84

Fruit salad; some ginger tiffin squares sent to me by some friends in England; pinwheels of roasted red pepper hummus and matchsticks of carrot and cucumber on a tortilla; and the end of my package of seaweed-wrapped rice crackers.

This is more of me benefiting from catering leftovers. In this case someone else was having a meeting and had fruit salad to give away, which I gladly took.

I never knew of even the concept of a tiffin square until my friends sent them to me. Apparently, the Birtish call it "fridge cake," because you don't bake it, but it's a bit like a fudge made from cookies (which have presumably been baked). I don't usually like raisins (which are a key ingredient in most tiffins, I have learned), but they were good in this. I may, at some point, attempt making tiffins myself.


  1. I always think of tiffins as in the Indian sense of a snack meal or the lunch containers. So cool to learn of them as a sweet as well!

    1. Yes, and I have a tiffin! But tiffin SQUARES? People say a lot of things about British food but I think they've hidden these on purpose or something so we don't know how good their food can be.

    2. Now we know about tiffin squares, their secret is out. ;)


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