Monbento Square #29 (Double Tier)

Strawberries, some pasta salad made from the week's leftovers, and a colorful salad of green leaf lettuce, cherry and grape tomatoes, mini sweet bell pepper rings, red onion, cucumber chunks, hemp seeds, and the end of the dill pickle dressing I made.

Strawberries were on sale! And actually reasonably priced again! So of course I snapped them up. I normally do my shopping on Friday evenings after work (it's on my way home and that saves gas, plus then I know I don't have that errand to run on a weekend day), but I had to do some shopping for a work event, so I went on Thursday morning before work. I so rarely go on a weekday morning and it was so nice--quiet, and the produce wasn't picked over the way it usually is.

The pasta salad uses a lot of this week's leftover things--the leftover macaroni and tofu-based cheese sauce, the last of the tofu-veggie cream cheese-style dip you saw on Monday, some cubed Tofurky ham (you saw more Tofurky ham on Tuesday), and some peas and Vegenaise to bring it all together. It was wonderful, but totally impossible to replicate, as these leftover mishmashes often are. But that's okay; I think you know by now that I do occasionally repeat a recipe but I'm equally likely to eat a new thing most of the time as to make something staid and reliable.


  1. I love mixing a bunch of random leftovers together to get something yummy for lunch. Your macaroni mish mash sounds great!


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