Monbento Original #32 (Double Tier)

Salad of green leaf lettuce, multicolored cherry tomatoes, red onion, and hemp seeds; something very much akin to vegan "Hamburger Helper" (more on that below), and a dill pickle dressing made from the very last bit of a jar of dill pickle relish, Vegenaise, apple cider vinegar, and seasonings.

I'm starting to add hemp seeds to my salads more; it has a nice little crunch and is another way to boost the protein content of a salad. (At least, that's what I'm told. I'm not a dietitian; please get your medical advice from qualified people.)

This "Hamburger Helper" started out as leftover macaroni and cheese using a tofu-based cheesy sauce. I added sauteed onions and peppers and some Wegmans' "Don't Be Piggy" sausage. I wasn't aiming for Hamburger Helper but that's the best way to describe the taste. Of course there are many flavors of Hamburger Helper, but somehow they all seem alike in my memory. Since I used to really like Hamburger Helper (though I never really bought it; I always thought it cost way too much for what it was), I really enjoyed this.


  1. It's so fun to throw together "Hamburger Helper"-like meals, and such a great way to use up leftovers!


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