Lunchopolis #85

Vegan ham and cheese onigirazu, a simple carrot salad on a bed of lettuce, Honeycrisp apple slices, some traditional Korean rice cookies, and peanut butter.

This onigirazu was pretty great, and I did better with getting more of a balance of rice this time, though it was somewhat too much rice and it was hard to wrap everything in nori properly. I will get that part right eventually! This one was made much more like a rice sandwich--not with seasoned sushi rice, but with just plain medium grain rice as the "bread."

The ham is Tofurky's new ham roast, which I bought around Christmas and kept in my freezer for one of those frigid days when having the oven on for hours on end sounds appealing. It was utterly amazing. I felt immediate sadness that there is no Tofurky ham roast to be had in stores right now. I hope they'll reappear at Easter and I can buy a year's supply or something. At home, I had it in all sorts of ways; you'll see some of the ways here. It was so much like the ham roasts I remember us having for holidays growing up, though fortunately much smaller and vegan. It is still seitan--one is not going too far into the uncanny valley--but it was perfect in a ham and cheese sandwich, with bread or otherwise.

This onigirazu was nori, steamed medium grain white rice, a bit of Vegenaise, green leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced Tofurky ham, Violife cheddar, and some dijon mustard. I highly recommend this combination!

And because the onigirazu is gluten free, and the rice cookies are naturally gluten free, the meal is gluten free, if you need gluten free options. [Edited to add: Thanks to the anonymous commenter that pointed out that seitan is not gluten free. I usually catch such things before they make it into the world. Onigirazu can definitely be gluten free; Tofurky is not.]


  1. I love your onigirazu, ham and cheese in it sounds very fun.
    Is that the Ham Roast that has the beer glaze?

  2. This looks delicious. It may be worth mentioning that seitan products are not gluten-free.


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