Monbento Square #24 (Single Tier)

Naturally purple rice (recipe here, from well before my vegan days), sauteed baby bok choy with vegetarian oyster sauce, classic tomatoes and "eggs" (with a mung bean omelet), and Chinese eggplant with garlic sauce from Omnivore's Cookbook (I do note the irony there, but the recipe itself is vegan anyway).

I could have done generic Asian food but this time I really wanted to anchor the flavors somewhere (I don't know if this makes sense outside my own brain, but maybe you understand what I mean?). So I made Chinese food. Chinese food doesn't turn up so much as Japanese or even Korean food in the realm of lunch bloggers, for a variety of reasons.

I don't think my quadrants worked out quite right. But it's fine.

This was the closest I'd gotten to the classic Chinese tomatoes and eggs since I became vegan more than three years ago. The flavors are nice but I should have been a little more generous with the soy sauce and rice vinegar!

Meanwhile, that eggplant was amazing. It is possible it was too much garlic to eat at work, but I didn't care. I really don't make eggplant of any sort enough, let alone the skinny Chinese kind.


  1. Chinese tomatoes and eggs is not familiar to me, but very cool that you were able to make it vegan. Sounds like that mungbean omelet is the gift that keeps on giving!


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