Monbento Square #28 (Single Tier)

Some of the leftover rice I had from yesterday's onigirazu mixed with an Asian-style veggies mix from my freezer, a homemade dipping sauce, Korean mung bean pancakes (recipes for both dipping sauce and pancakes from Lands and Flavors), three veggie-tofu dumplings, and some multicolored cherry tomatoes.

These pancakes are best the day they're made, but are still fine as leftovers for a few days. I didn't have Chinese chives, so I used scallions and it turned out fine. They're not the best thing I've ever made, but they are pretty!
They're also gluten free, being made primarily from mung beans and brown rice flour.

I added water and rice vinegar to the dipping sauce after the first time I had this because the dipping sauce suggested is quite strong!

I don't often cook Korean food, but I think I can call this a Korean meal--the dumplings are a Korean brand, and the "Asian" veggies are just vegetables in soy sauce. But now I miss gimbap.


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