Monbento Square #27 (Double Tier)

Some tricolor penne in a creamy mushroom sauce with peas, tahini dressing, and a simple salad with green leaf lettuce, those multicolored tiny tomatoes I paid too much for, red onion, cucumbers, and sesame seeds.

The original recipe I made for the pasta sauce was pretty bland, but I perked up the leftovers. I am gradually learning how to address "bland" in vegan food. There are a few keys (like always trying adding nutritional yeast), but one I've only just figured out is that it's better to add soy sauce than salt, sometimes, to get more flavor. And peas can help, too, to offer a bit of sweetness. Is this me still transitioning to veganism, again?


  1. I love adding peas to all sorts of leftovers.
    And anything lacking in flavour I will immediately add some nooch to! All the nooch! I agree with you about adding soy sauce rather than salt, it gives a much nicer little flavour boost.

    1. Yes! It's been weirdly hard for me to adjust to the idea that soy sauce doesn't have to only go in Asian food.


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