Monbento Square #26 (Single Tier)

Green beans (from frozen), a Wegmans Don't Be Chicken cutlet, and herb stuffing.

I used Pepperidge Farm classic herb seasoned stuffing mix and followed the directions for the stove top preparation, using Earth Balance for the butter. It was so good. This is like the ultimate comfort food for me. I didn't get stuffing over the holidays but I bought a package to keep around for a time when the mood struck. Though I think gravy would also have been nice, and I often want to have macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes with my stuffing (I am clearly a carb person), I felt really satisfied with this.


  1. Carbs are life and happiness. This looks like a very cosy meal.

    1. Carbs slathered in (vegan) butter are usually a recipe for happiness! Why doesn't protein ever excite me as much? Sigh.

    2. I will always get excited for tofu, but otherwise I am really a carb girl at heart too.

  2. Oh, yum, this looks like such a fantastic lunch!


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