Sequestration Meal #11

I've read that "chili mac"--macaroni and cheese and chili mixed together--is some sort of Midwestern classic. Not being from the Midwest, and never having lived there, I have to take the word of what I've read. But given that my forays into Midwestern cookery have introduced me to magical things like tater tot casserole, I figured now was the time to try it.

This was leftover Annie's boxed vegan macaroni and cheese with canned vegetarian chili (mine is vegan, but says "vegetarian" on the label). I topped it with some scallions, though I only had the light green parts left. Because it didn't seem quite saucy enough, I added a bit of water and melted some Daiya cheddar shreds in it.

This was surprisingly good. I think proper chili mac--made from scratch--would be better. But we're sequestered, and have all sorts of physical responses to stress, and we take what we can get.


  1. This is a good mix! Though I always make my chili so I can make it without any chili. ;)

    1. If there's no chili in it, isn't it just bean stew? (I do love a good bean stew, but I have a hard time picturing that.)


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