Sequestration Meal #21

I was getting closer to desperately needing groceries, but true desperation (rather than merely emotional) hadn't set in yet, so I made some Wegmans "Don't Have a Cow" meatballs simmered in more of the pasta sauce I had opened in my fridge over homemade polenta. I also seemed to have some Violife Parmesan left for the garnish (I am so careful to ration my tiny little square of that stuff--it goes a long way if you shred it with a microplane grater--but at some point it will really and truly be gone). I also put on some dried parsley for a pop of color.

I would probably never bother making polenta from scratch under normal circumstances, but these are not normal circumstances. In spite of the constant stirring--perhaps a workout I need after being cooped up for so long anyway--I might still recommend something like this to you if you're running low/out of pasta but still have some sauce around.

The polenta leftovers became pizza:

The pizza had Wegmans Don't Be Piggy sausage, black olives, green peppers, onions, and smoked non-dairy mozzarella. I quickly found that I wanted considerably more sauce, so, off-camera, I drenched this in the last of my jar of spaghetti sauce. It worked out. If I'd just made regular pizza crust, it would have been faster than polenta, but I was very concerned about how much flour I had (I am now in possession of 10 pounds of flour and can be more liberal in my uses of it, fortunately).


  1. Crafty use of polenta! Also glad to hear you have acquired a flour stash.

  2. Your meatball dish looks amazing, and I love how you used polenta as a pizza crust! Hooray for all that flour you now have; I look forward to seeing what you make with it!

    1. So do I! I kind of want to try making my own English muffins.


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