Sequestration Meal #12

I had some leftover rice and quinoa mix that was in the must be eaten phase of things, so I sauteed some onions, mushrooms, and broccoli in some Earth Balance vegan butter, added the rice mix, and stir fried it until it was hot. I seasoned it with seasoning salt to taste and put it on a plate. Apparently forgetting I am a food blogger, I did not clean the thumbprint off. I then topped it all with a spicy Boca chick'n patty cut into strips, took a photo, ate it, and lived to regret the fingerprints when editing my photos.

This turned out to be one of my favorite sequestration meals so far! It was a bit spicier than I tend to like but it definitely perked up the leftovers.

I'm finding myself both rather obsessed with eating up my leftovers and with not eating the exact same meal more than a few times, more so than in normal life. I think I'm really enjoying getting to eat all my meals freshly cooked if I want, rather than cooking a lot on weekends and eating leftovers throughout the week, but I also think I may be spending a bit too much time on food-related projects. What are you doing out there?


  1. I just started my leave, so am in unknown waters. I imagine I will be eating a mix of newly made stuff, staples, a few leftovers (because I don't need to save them for work anymore!), and some takeaway/delivery. I've already book marked some baking to do tomorrow if I have the energy.

    1. Baking is good but so is resting to handle the trauma. I'll look out of what you share.

  2. Hooray for great meals, especially when they use up leftovers!


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