Sequestration Meal #34

I'm not usually one to make a meal out of salad, but I do sometimes. I had an intense craving for this salad: romaine lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, purple onion, yellow and orange tomatoes, and a Boca chick'n patty cut into strips. I made some creamy dill dressing on the side, using some herb seedlings I had to thin from what I'd planted a few weeks ago. On the side, I had some Ritz crackers with a vegan olive pate a co-worker surprised me with alongside the toilet paper she dropped off.

All in all, this hit the spot. My dishes didn't match for this photo, so I feel like I may have fallen down a bit with presentation, but in the end it doesn't matter, does it? I fed myself after well over a month in quarantine. I may someday have the full complement of pretty, matched dishes, or I may not. I am probably the only one who cares. But I have my eye on some right now...


  1. Great idea to use the thinned seedlings in a dressing!

  2. Your presentation looks lovely! I still need to try your dill dressing. It sounds so good. That salad looks like everything I need in my life right now.


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