Sequestration Meal #16

This one was a bit of a process. I ran out of bread and had to bake my own. Even though I have a recipe for vegan sandwich bread that I love, I was trying to avoid using soy milk or vegan butter if I could, because those are some of the things that will be sending me to the store and I want to stretch out my visits to the store as much as possible. So instead I made French bread, which I knew would go stale very quickly but hey, I can always bake more bread--assuming I can also get flour. But I'm trying not to think too hard about that right now.

Anyway. I found this recipe at Mary's Test Kitchen which seemed about right for me. I didn't want to make too much bread. I divided this into four single serving-sized loaves and they baked up beautifully and, like any bread that is just flour, yeast, water, and salt, promptly began going stale. I anticipated this, so I froze one of the loaves, ate one right away, and plotted out ways to use the other ones that would take advantage of stale, crusty bread.

One of those ways was to make French bread pizza the following day.

This isn't the kind of pizza you make when you plan to make pizza and go buy the ingredients. This is, however, very good pizza. The homemade french bread, split, was topped with some jarred spaghetti sauce, Violife mozzarella, and Violife Parmesan, plus two different sets of toppings:

Left: Mushrooms, green pepper, onions, and Gardein Italian Saus'age slices
Right: Green pepper, black olives, and Yves veggie Canadian bacon

I really enjoyed this. I haven't had a French bread pizza in ages. What do you like on your pizza?


  1. OMG YES!!!! I love the fact that you made your own bread, I love that it looks so delicious and I really love that you made it into pizza! You are really making some amazing food and I definitely need to follow your lead and start baking my own bread :)

    I am definitely a plain cheese pizza kind of girl. If toppings were required I'd say spinach and broccoli. I love a white pizza with spinach and broccoli!

    1. That sounds really good! I have been thinking about trying to make a white pizza.

  2. Yay for bread making and for ccrafty ways to use it!
    My favourite pizza topping is mac and cheese Hawaiian. Mac and cheese with ham and pineapple and black olives (an essential ingredient for a good Hawiian in my book). But I also love potato rosemary pizzas, and there is a place in Sydney that makes a melenzane eggplant pizza that is so good you will cry.

  3. Those loaves look lovely, and both pizza variations sound fun! Pepperoni is a nostalgic pizza topping for me, but I also like broccoli and mushrooms, and pineapple is fun, too!


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