Sequestration Meal #23

I was in isolation for three weeks before I ventured out to the grocery store, where I stocked up with enough things to last me a month. Well, all except toilet paper. There was no toilet paper anywhere. Sigh. (Eventually, friends brought me toilet paper without me asking for it. It made me feel really loved.)

My first lunch after the shopping trip had a veganized, scaled-down version of a chunky chicken salad with grapes and pecans I saw on Taste of Home. I used Vegenaise and non-dairy sour cream in the dressing and some chicken-style seitan instead of chicken. I also served it on a generous bed of chopped romaine, alongside some gluten-free crackers my neighbor bought by mistake and gave to me because she was allergic to one of the listed ingredients. (She put it on the railing of her porch and I picked it up--no contact.)

I didn't think the crackers went super well with the salad, but I loved the salad! I think this particular seitan is the best substitute I've found yet for shredded chicken. It's not sold anywhere around me--I had gotten it on a trip to the big H-Mart that's kind of far away--but it might be worth the trip anyway! If you can get Nature's Soy vegan chicken seitan, try it! It's so good!

And raspberries were on sale. It was some sort of coronavirus miracle. So I bought some, and you'll see some in an upcoming breakfast compilation, but I also wanted to have dessert on this day, so I made one of my favorite quick ones--raspberries stuffed with dark chocolate chips with tea on the side.

Of course some days are harder than others are; that's the way it goes. But raspberries help.


  1. I love raspberries with chocolate chips in them, you inspired me to try this snack some time ago! Unfortunately fresh berries are a rare treat for me at the moment with trying to avoid going shopping. But we had such a great summer for delicious, 'cheap' (relatively speaking, they are still berries) raspberries.

    1. Oh, yeah, they are so hard to get at any reasonable price and especially hard when you have to find delivery! I think I may be able to get them delivered to me but I'm not sure (and for now I've moved on to the sturdier fruit I bought).

  2. The chunky chicken salad sounds lovely! And hooray for raspberries on sale!


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