Sequestration Meal #17

I was out of bread again and not in the mood to make more (plus I was running low on flour), so I made rice instead, and treated myself to the delightful East-West fusion that is onigirazu. I was getting low on ideas and ingredients, so this, at first glance, was a weird combination, but it worked. I garnished it with the one grape tomato I had that hadn't gone wrinkly, and put it in this tiny deep casserole dish I rarely use because honestly it's pretty impractical in most cases. It turned out to be perfect to serve onigirazu in.

In any case, I started by seasoning freshly-cooked short grain white rice with a bit of salt and pepper. It is Calrose rice in this case--I bought a five pound bag just before everybody started panic buying all the rice, so I'm really set for rice, fortunately. I then assembled my onigirazu as follows:

Nori sheet (technically Gim, I guess, because mine is Korean--same difference)
Rice seasoned with salt and pepper
Sesame seeds
Two slices of Yves Canadian bacon
One slice of Daiya cheddar
Shredded carrots mixed with the last of the Vegenaise in the jar
Strips of green bell pepper
More rice

I don't know what it is about onigirazu that makes it comfort food for me. I'm very much not Japanese, and I was only introduced to sushi for the first time at the age of 25. But somehow, it was soothing. Maybe it was the fact that I started with so little to work with and still made a good meal. I don't know.


  1. This sounds so good. I definitely need to try making this.

    1. It is definitely worth it when you have that urge to have a sandwich but no bread at all.

  2. This sounds amazing and that presentation and photo are gorgeous!! I'm glad that it was a comforting meal for you.

    1. I was slow to jump on the onigirazu bandwagon but happy to be on it now!


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