Sequestration Meal #27

Because I still had some of the Korean barbecue sauce left I'd made for the tofu you saw recently, I went another round with Korean food. In this case, my banchan (반찬, "side dishes") are a vegan version of gamja salad (감자 샐러드, "potato salad"), pickled daikon radishes, baek kimchi (백김치, "white kimchi"), the ribs from Delightful-Delicious-Delovely using my sauce instead of hers, and steamed rice topped with seasoned laver.

This wasn't as nice as the tofu. It might be partly because I didn't have a grill and used the broiler in my oven instead. But it was also a pretty spicy mix in the ribs themselves, topped with a spicy sauce, and that was too much spiciness. And they were weirdly mushy--not at all the firm texture I usually expect with seitan.

The gamja salad was a lot better. But what's not to love? It's potatoes. I ate them all. I don't know if it counts as what Koreans would consider gamja salad, because theirs seems to universally contain eggs, but I liked it anyway.

I have never met a pickled daikon radish that wasn't amazing. They are these amazing, crispy, yellow pickles that have a spark of sweetness that goes so well with so many things.

I didn't finish the ribs, and ultimately couldn't face the leftovers of them, so the rest of my rice became kimchi fried rice. With baek kimchi, it's not spicy at all, and it also doesn't take on that familiar red color of most kimchi fried rice. It wasn't the most nutritionally balanced thing I've ever eaten, but hey. Not everything can be.


  1. This all looks and sounds amazing! I've loved trying a few Korean recipes and I definitely want to try making more. Mommy Tang on YouTube was great for sharing vegan Korean recipes. I would watch her cook and then skip the Mukbang portion. She hasn't posted in a while for personal reasons but if you go through her videos you'll find some great recipes! The kimchi fried rice sounds amazing!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I ran across her at some point but I don't really like mukbangs, but just skipping that part sounds like a plan.

  2. This looks beautiful, and a lot of fun. Shame about the texture of the ribs!


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