A Review of New Things I Tried #3

Here we are again! I'm glad I can make life a tiny bit less monotonous for myself in quarantine--and perhaps for you, too! These things were a quarantine bonus, because I am confident I probably never would have eaten a single one of those things without having to get all of my food delivered.

1. Bourbon Street Mix (Nuts.com)

This lovely trail mix is a sweet-spicy-salty mix of what Nuts.com calls "butternut" peanuts (though they have no butter), sesame sticks, spicy corn sticks, cashews, and plain peanuts. I'm glad to have things like this on hand for when I get the urge to munch on something. Quarantine life is vastly improved with snacks, and I've had a hard time in general finding vegan trail mixes.

2. Mia Good Green Plant-Based Prosciutto

I bought this Italian import from Baldor Specialty Foods, and forgot to take the photo until after I'd opened it. It was a major surprise in a good way. It doesn't exactly look like prosciutto--none of that streaky fat, obviously--but the texture and the taste were about 99% of what I remember. This was amazing. The price was about equivalent to actual prosciutto, so it's pricey, but I will be excited to buy this again. A little goes a long way, and it brings me joy.

3. Mint Chocolate Hearts (Nuts.com)

This appears to be the only vegan chocolate option Nuts.com sells other than basic dark chocolate chips, which is why I ordered them when I did. They're about what you'd expect--a minty dark chocolate heart--and they're nice to munch on with some tea, but there's nothing spectacular about them. I've been trying to think of ways to use them in other desserts. Mint chocolate mug cake, anyone?


  1. The mint chocolate hearts look like they would be cute decorations for some other sort of dessert, though munching on them is also a very good option.

    1. You know, you're right! I had a plan to make something soon that these would be really cute on!

  2. The Bourbon Street Mix sounds really fun; I may have to look into placing an order sometime!


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