Sequestration Meal #115

This plating seems like some sort of 1980s brunch, but I didn't intend that. I found a recipe for a veggie stuffed vegan omelet at Connoisseurrus Veg and decided to have it for dinner one night alongside some sliced tomatoes (grown by a neighbor). I stuffed mine with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, and some Violife feta. It was good! No complaints other than I am pretty bad at folding omelets, whether chickpea flour or otherwise. But oh, how I love a chickpea flour anything.


  1. Ideal meal right there, omelette and homegrown tomato. Nothing is better than this!

  2. Your omelette folding looks pretty good to me!
    How lovely to enjoy it with some homegrown tomato as well.

    1. It cracked, but I don't think that's visible in the photograph because I put it ugly side down!


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