The Masked Cows of Pennington, New Jersey

This is not a food post. But perhaps you'll indulge me; you do occasionally.

Every week, I go for a drive to keep my car battery charged and the tires from rotting, as I've said in the comments earlier. This is a super weird thing. Before coronavirus I had only gone driving for the sake of driving when I was in driver's ed. I don't generally support driving for the sake of driving. But these are new and unusual times, and I do have to maintain my car. I haven't bought gasoline in nearly three months, which suggests these drives are taking much less gas than the shorter drives to work usually did.

One of my recent driving adventures took me through Pennington, New Jersey, where the locals must have a sense of humor.

There are a bunch of cow sculptures.

The cows are all wearing masks.

Cows do not need to wear masks, of course. Especially if they aren't real.

But they cheered me up just the same.

And here's a bonus non-food photo of a starling outside my kitchen window:

Some people think of starlings just as pests, and it's true they're a foreign import that has caused problems for native flora and fauna and annoys the blueberry farmers. But the starlings know nothing of this, and they're pretty invaders, in any case. I've always loved the patterns on their wings and I'm glad this one stayed still long enough for me to get a reasonably good shot.

Stay healthy, everyone! I'll have a new recipe for white bean chili for you tomorrow.


  1. thank you for sharing the cows and cheering me up as well

  2. My dad's car battery died because he didn't drive it for so long during the pandemic, so now he takes it out for a few laps of the block once a week. I'm driving to work several times a week now that I am back, so that keeps my girl running nicely.

    I love those cows! And I love that they are wearing masks. We have a little piggy bank on the counter at work that we put a mask on, people really get a kick out of it.

  3. The masked cows are hilarious! And that starling has such pretty feathers; great pic!


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