Sequestration Meal #174


I tried a new kind of plating for this one: Calrose rice surrounded by Gardein orange chick'n and broccoli stir fry with ginger and sesame from Simply Recipes.

I have made that broccoli so many times, but somehow not recently. It seems like the easiest way to cook broccoli--a quick steaming--is my default. But I really wanted to elevate my broccoli on this night, so I pulled out a few more stops. It's a really flavorful recipe and I am always glad I made it when I do.


  1. That plating looks so pretty!
    I am definitely going to try that broccoli recipe.

    1. Thanks! I think this style of rice plating would be prettiest with stew in a shallow bowl.

  2. Beautiful plating, and sounds like a delicious meal!


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