A Review of New Things I've Tried #19 (Drinks Edition)

 These are drinks (beverages) but not drinks, because I'm medically prohibited from having alcohol. But I still get to call them drinks, because I drank them. I make the rules here.

1. Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pineapple

Having decided to try getting more potassium to see if it does anything for me, I decided to brave coconut water. I started with this coconut water with pineapple because I figured the pineapple could cover over a multitude of sins. I don't yet know whether getting more potassium will make any difference in my life, but this wasn't bad! It's only very mildly sweet, but it doesn't have whatever taste my childhood remembered not liking about coconut water, long ago. The major drawback for it seems to be the price--this bottle was $2 on sale and it only has two servings in it.

2. Bent Spoon Vegan Euro-Style Hot Cocoa Mix

This was a Christmas present, and comes from the Bent Spoon ice cream shop in Princeton, New Jersey. It's a pretty big tin full of vegan "Euro-Style" hot cocoa mix. I suppose it's "Euro-Style" because it's pretty thick if you make it with a full 1/2 cup of the stuff per 1 cup of non-dairy milk, but if you want an American-style hot cocoa, just use half that. This is so good. It's so rich! It makes me wish I could visit the Bent Spoon, but getting to have the taste of it in my apartment is also lovely.

3. Traditional Medicinals Cup of Sunshine

The flavor of this tea is pretty mild, but I enjoyed the taste of it nonetheless. I am not yet certain what effect it actually has on my mood, if any, but I can at least say I haven't felt bad drinking it. 


  1. I don't have alcohol, but drinking something makes it a drink, so drinks they are!
    I recently tried a brand of coconut water and pineapple juice here, which was nice enough. They are good flavours together.

    1. Yes! And since it turns out I still hate plain coconut water this is a win!

    2. I like plain coconut water, but only specific brands. Some of them taste like dirty foot water!!!

    3. I hate it straight out of the coconut, too. I just don't think it's for me.


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