Sequestration Meal #246


Once a year, I buy a bag of fresh cranberries. Their season is short, but they last quite a while in the fridge. With this year's, as you saw recently in my breakfast compilation, I made a cranberry topping. It was good on pancakes, but it was also good with this traditional American-style meal of a Wegmans Don't Be Chicken patty, some stuffing, and brussels sprouts.

I'm really glad I accepted that my favorite way to eat brussels sprouts is the unsophisticated, boiled-then-buttered (Earth Balance) with salt and pepper. They're so delightful! That isn't to say that I don't enjoy them roasted or fancified in various ways, but they're also wonderful this lazy way. And there's something nice, too, about this wintery meal with its end-of-season produce. Pretty colors aren't limited to spring and summer!

I don't know why suddenly I care so much about what season we're in. Maybe it has something to do with not going outside as much anymore and needing a connection to the calendar in the midst of all the monotony.


  1. Fresh cranberries don't exist here, and frozen cranberries are so hard to find. I didn't see any before Christmas this year! Though I was keeping things super easy so we just used a jar of cranberry sauce. But then I found three bags randomly after Christmas, so now my freezer is full of frozen cranberries. Christmas in July, I guess!

    1. I rarely see frozen cranberries here, but when they're fresh the package says you can stick them in the freezer if you want. Jarred cranberry sauce is also good. Have you tried mixing some in applesauce? So good!

    2. I have not! I will have to try it out. Apple and cranberry do go very well together.

  2. Your cranberry topping looks great with this meal!


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