A Review of New Things I've Tried #20 (Random Edition)

 Some things defy categorization, not because they truly do, but because I don't eat enough new things in their categories often enough to wait to show them to you. So today is a bit more random than I've had lately.

1. Jelly Berry Grapes

I bought these absurdly expensive grapes because I could get them by the pound rather than by the amount-a-single-person-can't-possibly-eat. They are not very much like the grapes you may know, because the grapes I've had otherwise usually had a bit of tartness to them. These are sweet, as advertised (they're supposed to taste like grape jelly). I liked them, but be prepared for them to be sugar bombs!

2. Gimbal's Scottie Dogs Licorice

These were a Christmas present. I was excited to get them, because I have always appreciated a cute little Scottie dog licorice. These are pretty strong and firmer than I expected, but just as much fun as I'd hoped.

3.  Ta'amti Mushroom Kibbeh

Kibbehs (filled bulgur dumpling-type things) are usually made from beef, but there are some vegan versions sold at a store near me. I'd picked this up just before the pandemic and it's sat there in my freezer ever since. Because I've calmed my Christmas-season panic (during which a lot of stuff was impossible to get delivered), as well as my "snow is everywhere" panic (wherein I worried about trucks not making it to me), I'm now focused on clearing out some of these things to make sure they get eaten before they go bad. This is not because it is less snowy, nor because it's that easy to get things; I'm just working on myself. I'd had the kind of vegan kibbeh this brand makes out of TVP, and I recommend those much more than these. They're good, mind you, especially with some tahini sauce, but they were mushy inside in a way that the TVP ones definitely aren't. Eating these made me miss my usual grocery store (I've not gotten anything from them in nearly a year), but it's good for me to use things up and be brave.


  1. I remember when those cotton candy grapes were all the rage, sounds like these are a red equivalent of those? Super sweet!

    1. I never had those! The photo on the website showed them as a striking blue (like a blueberry), which intrigued me, but they turned out to just be that dark purple--far less exciting.


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