Sequestration Meal #258


Mushroom kibbeh, lemon-tahini dipping sauce, and some easy cucumber-tomato salad. This lunch was a nice change of pace; I've been eating a ton of traditional American food or Asian-themed things lately and so venturing off to the Middle East was a good diversion. I told you about this kibbeh yesterday--a bit mushy inside, but good, especially with tahini.

But this salad! So easy and so good! Just equal parts tomato and cucumber, a squeeze of fresh lemon, a pinch of kosher salt, a bit of dried parsley, and a bit of dried cilantro. I will definitely try something like this again. It would be better with fresh herbs, but I'm quarantined in the winter here.


  1. That sounds like a lovely fresh salad.

    1. It's not summer here, of course, but nothing is in season anyway so a summery salad seemed as reasonable as anything else.


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