Sequestration Meal #250


A few months ago, I made way too much lentil curry and froze it and some rice (packed separately in my freezer). When I was feeling lethargic again I decided to pull it out. I was really impressed with my cooking, which is kind of funny because when I first made this curry I thought it was just okay, but I guess when faced with the choice of this or yet another frozen burrito, this really appealed to me!

I think freezing might have done something for it, but I'm unclear what that was. But more importantly, I found that I can make my own frozen convenience food, which is oddly reassuring.


  1. I know curries definitely taste better after time, and they are definitely one of the easiest things to freeze when I need leftovers for after work.

    1. That's smart! To me lentils are still a bit mysterious, but I'm getting there.

  2. Looks great, and nice job making your own frozen meals!


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