Sequestration Meal #259


I think this pizza would have looked better in photos after it was sliced and plated, but I was tired and hungry and this was the direction I chose. I loved how quick this was! I used the thin-crust pizza dough recipe at All Recipes, which doesn't require any rising time. It also bakes at a really high heat (500F or 260C), so it melted my vegan cheese beautifully (this isn't guaranteed--vegan cheese often seems to hold its shape if melted under about 450F). It kind of disappeared into the sauce in a way dairy cheese would not, but it tasted good.

It was made with stuff I happened to have: Jarred marinara sauce, Violife mozzarella, a Tofurky Italian sausage, black olives, mushrooms, green pepper, and a sprinkling of Violife Parmesan for good measure. About 1/4 of this pizza made for a great dinner, and the leftovers reheated easily in the oven, so I was set for four nights. Not bad for a half hour of effort.


  1. Yay for pizza. I love it so much. I especially love it when the cheese melts so well.

    1. Pizza was one of the easiest things for me to veganize--embarrassingly so after about a year or longer of being sure I'd given it up forever.


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