Sequestration Meal #254


With my last tortilla and the end of my doctored refried beans and some Mexican rice, black olives, Tofutti sour cream, and Violife mozzarella, I made a burrito. It felt like it needed a side, so I chopped some avocado and tomato to have on the side.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I am now officially in my twelfth month of isolation, and it is clear it will last more than a year. It seemed like this month everyone hit a wall somehow and started feeling terrible. I suspect we had so much relentless trauma in the United States that we weren't able to get depressed due to all the adrenaline, and seeing that perhaps come to a bit of an end for a moment has given us all the chance to start having our feelings about what's happened, but I am not that kind of doctor, either, so it's just my theory. Plus, it's still dark, and snowing relentlessly here, and that always presents some difficulties for me. I've enjoyed seeing the footprints of various creatures out my window each morning, but wow, this is a lot of snow, and I'm not sure what impact that has on a person.

A friend said that all the snow made it easier to be just staying inside, and I guess that's partly true, and it makes everything brighter, which helps in some ways. I'm grateful for the snow in that respect. But it is a constant reminder that I went inside in late winter, and it's late winter again, and something about that weighs on me. Maybe it weighs on you, too. Hang in there, everyone. It's near-universal struggle now, and that is an oddly comforting thought.


  1. The snow has helped my mood a bit, and the fact that we're slowly getting more daylight, but I've just been so tired recently... Hugs for your 12th month of isolation <3


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