Sequestration Meal #262


Because I still had some of that too-spicy vegan salami, I decided to make a more Italian-style version of my Greek orzo salad. I didn't have any bell pepper around and my pine nuts turned out to have gone bad, so I left those out; otherwise I made the recipe as I'd originally written it, with the addition of the salami. Is it a tiny bit odd to eat cold food on such cold days as we've had? Sure, but sometimes it's just what one needs. I love how many veggies this salad always gets me to eat without making it feel too much like I'm eating veggies. I was a bit sad about the pine nuts, but that's life.


  1. RIP pine nuts. It still looks great, full of colour and flavour.

    1. Pine nuts are on my shopping list, but this was fine without them!


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