A Review of New Things I've Tried #21 (Vegan Proteins Edition)

Isn't it amazing how many different vegan proteins there really are? I love doing this series, because it helps me to see just how many.

1. Morningstar Farms Veggietizers Buffalo Wings

I never really liked actual chicken wings. Gardein makes a vegan version that are a little too realistic for me and so I don't really like those, either. But these are just like spicy chicken nuggets, so I liked them a lot! They're great with plain ketchup, so they make for an easy protein on days I can't face much.

2. Amy's Traditional Vegetarian Refried Beans

Canned refried beans are a crapshoot. I had to give up on Goya because Goya proved to support things I abhor, so I decided to try some other options. Unfortunately, one of the first things I tried was this can of refried pinto beans. They are an abomination. They aren't really fried at all--the ingredients don't list any oil--and seem not to have been seasoned. They are essentially some mashed beans mixed with a bunch of whole pinto beans (inexplicably--nobody wants that, do they?). I have high standards, perhaps, because I'm from the Southwest, but this is the first time in any of these reviews that I've outright hated the thing I tried, so much I got angry with myself for having bought it in the first place. I did find them easily rescued, though, by sautéing some onion in Earth Balance and mixing that into the beans with some hot sauce.

3. Mia/Good & Green Plant Based Spicy Salame

I bought this from a restaurant supply company. It was pricey, about $6.50 for this package, which serves perhaps two, but after their prosciutto I was dying to try anything else they had. This salami--salame, I guess, in Italian--is not kidding when it says it is spicy. The spicy flavor overpowers everything else! The texture was similar to other products by this brand: firm, in a way reminiscent of actual meat-based deli slices. I probably wouldn't buy this again, but I'm glad I tried it.


  1. I have a freezer full of fun vegan protein options to try, there seem to be new brands coming out all the time!
    I'm sorry, but they had whole beans in the refried beans? What sort of bullshit is that?

    1. Apparently, a lot of people--I think I even saw it advertised somewhere. It's weird. If you do make refried beans yourself, you may end up with something chunky, but not puree o'bean with whole beans mixed in.


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