Sequestration Meal #277


I was without leftovers for most of a week because I'd planned to eat the Irish stew I'd made, so I have a few days of simple meals to show you from my work lunches at home that weren't leftovers.

I made a cucumber-tomato salad based on this recipe and had some of it with a wrap made from a tortilla, Tofurky, spinach, Kite Hill cream cheese, shredded carrot, and scallions. A halved mandarin orange rounded things out.

This is much more like what I would pack for lunch, and if I'd let the tortilla sit for a few hours it would have softened and I would probably have preferred that. I never really thought about that before, how the tortilla softens, but it's definitely a thing.


  1. Your wrap looks so pretty, everything all swirled together. Mine always look messy.

    1. How you arrange the ingredients makes a difference. But I don't feel I've mastered sushi rolling yet, in spite of this.


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