Sequestration Meal #336

Because my fava bean hummus does involve some chickpeas, I had part of a can left over and needed to find something to do with it. The First Mess had a recipe for creamy lemon orzo with chickpeas and broccoli that fit the bill nicely. I cut the recipe in half and used some unsweetened non-dairy creamer instead of cashews because I was afraid there wouldn't be enough sauce to blend properly otherwise. I ignored the advice given in the original recipe and used a coconut-based creamer; it turned out beautifully. I topped it off with Violife Parmesan.

I really like cooking orzo in broth, and this turned out really nicely, but I generally don't enjoy the texture of whole chickpeas so I was left half-wishing they weren't in the dish. I need to get past that since chickpeas are supposedly so good for us, although given that I am perfectly content to eat them in several other ways perhaps I don't really need to fight myself on this. I would make this lemon orzo without chickpeas as a side dish sometime, chopping the broccoli up so it blends in with the dish better. To me, that would probably be perfect!

In terms of the pantry clear-out, this used orzo, chickpeas, and nutritional yeast, although I would never let myself run out of the latter two anyway so perhaps that doesn't count.


  1. Nutritional yeast is an essential that must always be replenished! I ran out once and it was a very sad time.

    1. It took me about 25 years of being vegetarian to tolerate whole chickpeas. Now they are one of my favorites. I still struggle with dried chickpeas. They never seem to rehydrate enough for thr texture to recover.

    2. I love chickpea flour and hummus and chickpea "tuna" salad and all sorts of things that involve chickpeas not being their whole self. Roasted whole chickpeas are different somehow and I do usually like them. But I don't know what it is about the whole soft (not really that soft) cooked chickpea that I can't get used to.


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