Sequestration Meal #351/Temari Rabbit Bento Bowl #36


I never liked any kind of sashimi. Raw fish was so disturbing. But I saw people making some sort of mock raw tuna out of watermelon and was intrigued, so I made this recipe for watermelon poké and made a poké bowl with edamame, watermelon tuna, cucumbers, seaweed, and a drizzle of Vegenaise. I didn't have the macadamia nuts but otherwise followed the recipe as written. There is rice under all this stuff, but I guess I overcrowded the bowl so you can't see it.

This was good, but I'd be unlikely to make it again. It was not raw fish for sure--which I deeply appreciated--it's really just spicy watermelon, which is kind of nice. But there are plenty of other things I like more than this, and I'm content with those things.

But it does look pretty, doesn't it? You'd probably never think it was watermelon, would you?

The leftovers made for a pretty good bento, too.

Being out of practice with bentos, for some reason I made flowers out of cucumbers, but honestly that was a fun activity in the morning and I need some fun in this stressful time. I packed the mayo in my little mayo bottle and I had a side of chopped nectarine and blueberries.

I ate this bento in my car, not feeling comfortable unmasked with everyone in the break room. That was a little less great. But I did really like how colorful this was. That's one of the best parts of packing lunch--the present I wrap myself in the morning to open later in the day.


  1. Your bento lunch boxes are always so cute. My lunches look boring.
    Nice work on the watermelon sashimi. I see all sorts of things people are doing with watermelon these days.

    1. Interesting! I already like other kinds of ham (and those have more protein) so I think I won't try doing that myself, but if someone wants to cook it for me I'm not averse to trying it out.

    2. From what I understand, making watermelon ham is a *process*
      A friend recently received an unexpected watermelon and it was suggested she try making ham, but she did some simpler things
      TBH, when I have watermelon in front of me I mostly just want to eat it straight away as is!


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