Sequestration Meal #348/Monbento Original #37


For some reason, I decided that the Brazilian beefless filets (recipe from Chef Jana) might go with something other than the usual rice and salad, and I made some glazed zucchini and carrots (inspired by this Food Network recipe, but scaled down and veganized) and some simple four-color radiatore pasta with a bit of Earth Balance, seasoning salt, and Violife Parmesan mixed in.

I also apparently decided to make a full recipe of the beefless filets, which generated 30 of the filets; I will be eating beefless filets for a while. But they're good, so why not, I guess? And they do go with these veggies and pasta; I think they are a great anchor for the protein+carb+veggie meals I sometimes crave. I'm sure it's no longer even passably Brazilian but what difference does it make, really? This time I used a mixture of black beans and kidney beans in the filets; I think any beans would work with this treatment.

I had other plans for this radiatore. I had spent who knows how long trying to find multicolored radiatore for a pasta salad. But you know, this is good, too. It's not like I can't get more. And if it is, in the end, it is better to let thing go. This is what I continue to tell myself as I clear out the COVID pantry.

The veggies were interesting--I don't know that I would have thought to combine zucchini and orange juice--and yet really nice! Sometimes it's good to make a slight production out of vegetables.

Because I'm rejoining the world a tiny bit, I have been going to work in person a bit. Thus, there is also a bento version of this meal:

I ran out of onions so I just had a tiny bottle of soy sauce to go with my beefless filets. I'm still rusty on bento prep, because this definitely needed to be warm, but the bed of lettuce under the beefless filets meant I had to take that out from underneath and eat it before I heated it. Oh, well. I'll get back in my groove soon enough.


  1. I had posted a comment, but I don't know where it went.
    But I hope things are going OK for you being back at work.

    1. Oh, weird! That happens to people sometimes occasionally and I have no idea why. Sorry! (And thanks!)


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