Sequestration Meal #337

 A long time ago--it has to have been pre-pandemic--I was sent a sample of a mango chipotle sauce as a gift-with-purchase. I had no idea what to do with it and so I just kept it, for years. When I was seriously working on getting through my pantry, that little jar kept taunting me, so I finally used it in this meal. 

This is a mushroom-celery-scallion stir fry based loosely on this recipe (very loosely; I only had crimini mushrooms), mango chipotle tofu (I just browned some tofu and tossed it in the sauce and garnished it with black sesame seeds), some seasoned seaweed, and white rice. It turned out well! I was expecting the mushrooms and celery and scallions to be more colorful, but a scallion garnish helped a bit. The celery was bright green before I added the sauce, but, well, such is life. And not all veggies are green, after all, nor do they need to be.

The seaweed and the mango chipotle sauce were the main pantry items here, but the sauce was a huge hurdle so I'm glad it's cleared now. Onward!


  1. This looks amazing. That mushroom stir-fry sounds delightful. And I love glazed tofu. A great way to use up the sauce!

    1. I'm very fond of stir fry of all kinds. And I'm proud of how well I've been doing handling the whole food situation of late.


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