Sequestration Meal #343


Soy curls are the gift that keep on giving! I found this recipe for honey garlic chicken and broccoli with soy curls at Colleen Kachmann's blog and knew it would be easy to veganize. Plus, it used up the last of my Bee Free Honee. (I have some weird feelings about the fact that I will never eat Bee Free Honee again, but I look forward to trying out some new alternatives. Onward, right?)

This was a pretty easy recipe, and would be easier if you had bottled sauce rather than making your own as I did (but I'm not usually much for bottled sauces, and am unlikely to buy any given my pantry reduction vigilance). My soy curls got much darker than expected, but that's fine; nobody has to know what they were meant to look like! I really liked this. It was more sweet than spicy, and sometimes that's just what I want.


  1. Using up the very last of a product when it is the very last of that product you will have is always hard.

    1. Yes! But I'm feeling good about coming to terms with this, and I have two new brands to try out in the wings.

    2. I look forward to hearing about them!


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