Sequestration Meal #341


At some point in the darkest of dark times, one of the things I had delivered was some frozen sweet potato and spinach ravioli. It was vegan, but it didn't attempt to sub anything for the cheese--it was just filled with sweet potato and spinach that had been nicely seasoned. And then I just left it in my freezer, waiting, since I wasn't sure how to prepare it.

As I'm trying to reduce the amount of food on hand around here, and the pantry is starting to feel more manageable, I'm trying to take a look at my freezer. So I finally decided I just needed to make these. I had fresh thyme and parsley from a neighbor, so I made a lemon thyme cream sauce for the ravioli out of Earth Balance, almond milk, and unsweetened non-dairy creamer (essentially a white sauce flavored with lemon and thyme). It still needed something so I put some Violife Parmesan over the top when I plated it and garnished it with some parsley.

This felt very elegant somehow. It tasted good, too, although I did wish it had some tofu ricotta in it or something, because I wanted something higher in protein. As I often do, I made up for it at dessert, though--if my dinner is lower in protein, I tend to have soy milk and/or peanut butter with whatever my dessert is. I don't typically eat dessert, really, but a meal like this kind of demands it.


  1. This does look very elegant! I was doing super well in eating down my freezer stash of many things, but in the last couple of weeks I have realised I am slowly filling it up again. Oops! Often because I find some fun stuff that I really want to try, so I just buy it. But also because after some Delta lockdown scares (thankfully we were only locked down for a week, but other states will be in lockdown for much longer), I have started just slowly getting a small reserve stock of pantry iteme because the second there is a wiff of lockdown, people will buy out the shelves.

    1. It doesn't seem likely that we'll have a lockdown, though infection rates are way up locally. I'm really trying to be disciplined in spite of my rising anxiety--there's still tons of food around! But I definitely don't plan to eat myself down to bare cupboards. We'll see.


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