Sequestration Meal #350


I was a bit unsure about making my own tortillas again, but we are clearing this pantry and I still had masa harina and some TVP taco meat, so it had to be done. And I did it successfully this time! I used enough water, and I pressed them out thin enough that they were nice and soft after cooking, and so I made tacos. But of course you can't see them all folded and pretty because I don't have anything to hold them in, and I am unlikely to buy myself a taco holder. 

But! Tacos!

These consist of homemade corn tortillas, TVP taco meat (made from Sam's mild chipotle crumbles), some non-dairy cheddar, iceberg lettuce (the best for tacos), tomatoes, red onion, avocado tossed with fresh lime juice, Tofutti sour cream, and a sprinkling of dried cilantro.

These were delicious! I probably overfilled them a little so they were messy but that is the joy of tacos, isn't it? They are meant to be messy. And I'm excited about having made good tortillas, too. I can pop the others in the freezer and be just a few minutes away from tacos anytime I want.

I feel kind of sorry for people who don't cook. There are so many adventures to be had.


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