ToGoWare 2-Tier Tiffin #27

Yellow rice mixed with the garlicky beans and spinach from yesterday, some vegan jelly candies friends sent from England, maple-cinnamon salad dressing, and pear walnut salad (dressing and salad from the recipe at A Virtual Vegan, substituting green leaf lettuce for the arugula).

You know I am not one to eat the same thing all the time, yet I made a lot of rice this weekend, so I ended up, as you've seen, having it in several different ways.

I'm not typically so much of a salad person that I'd eat two huge ones in one week. But I had found a gigantic head of green leaf lettuce when I was shopping last time--I mean, huge, at least twice as big as any of the others at the store--and given that they are priced by the head and not by weight I definitely had to buy that, especially since heads of lettuce properly stored usually last me several weeks and it was only $1.50. So there may be rather a lot of lettuce in the near future of Food for Dissertating. Tell me what unusual salads you love!

I'm also not usually much of a pear person, but I'm trying to remedy it. As a child I ate a lot of canned pears, and that may be why I don't think of pears as anything special. I don't dislike them (even out of a can) but I just don't think about them at all, usually! So maybe you can tell me, as well, what you like to do with pears.

This particular salad was really good. I worried that substituting the green leaf lettuce for arugula would upset the balance of flavors, but even if this is a bit different than the original, I didn't mind at all. I'm not the biggest fan of arugula anyway. It was quite sweet--almost a dessert salad!--but I happily ate every cinnamon-y bite. I did wish I had whole walnuts (because that would be more strikingly beautiful) but in the end the chopped walnuts may have been easier to eat anyway.


  1. I'm not a big fan of arugula (which we call rocket here) either.
    I am the same if I am buying a vegetable that is a set price per head, even if I just need a small amount I will buy the biggest one and then figure out ways to use it up.

    1. It's the only sensible thing to do! Maybe. I don't know. But I'll get through the lettuce anyway.

      I get arugula sometimes but it's never my favorite thing. I think it would actually be a bit too strong for this salad for my tastes.

    2. Australian cafes LOVE rockets. They put it on burgers, pile it on pizzas, use it for everything.

  2. A cinnamon-y salad sounds quite fun! And the jelly candies look good, too!


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