Sequestration Meal #22

A while ago, I told you a story about a former boss giving me $10 and ordering me to go take an hour and eat at a sandwich place down the road. There, I ate my first meatball sandwich, and because it was my first meatball sandwich, I asked the person making it for recommendations for toppings and condiments. I now know most people just have meatballs, tomato sauce, and cheese, but he suggested mayo, black olives, and sliced tomato, too, and so I had what he suggested. I loved it, and that's been my preferred way to eat a meatball sandwich ever since.

On a rough day, when everything seemed especially terrible, I pulled a French roll I'd baked a little while ago out of the freezer, and when it was thawed I made an approximation of that sandwich (vegan, now, of course). I didn't have any fresh tomatoes to slice, but I did have the meatballs, marinara, Vegenaise, olives, and some non-dairy smoked mozzarella shreds. I popped it in my toaster oven to get a bit melty and wouldn't you know? Something about the flavor memory calmed me down, soothed my soul, and put me in a much better mental state. So yes, it seems weird, maybe, but it was what I needed, and I'm glad I had it.


  1. That is definitely an interesting meatball sub combination! But it sounds nice. And I am glad it hit that perfect comfort and nostalgia flavour spot.

    1. I probably would never have tried it if it weren't for that sandwich maker long ago. I've learned to ask the sandwich makers; they've usually tried everything.

  2. That's so nice that you were able to recreate this special meal for yourself; it looks great!

  3. Recreating meals is always fun, especially if they are nostalgic and can provide some comfort. I'm glad that you found a little bit of peace and calm for a few moments during all of this. It's amazing how a meal can do that!


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