Sequestration Meal #25

I had several sweet potato recipes I wanted to try, and I wanted to start with this one, because then I could get the roasting of the sweet potatoes out of the way. This is the Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes recipe from the Minimalist Baker. It was pretty great, but what wasn't to love? Soft, roasted sweet potatoes, somewhat crispy roasted, seasoned chickpeas, a garlicky-dill tahini drizzle, and some tomato-parsley topping. So yummy! I ate the leftovers cold as a salad with romaine lettuce and that was also pretty good, though not quite so nice as the original.

On the day I first made this, a couple of friends took pity on me and brought me toilet paper (independently; they did not know about each other's plans). I gave nine rolls of it to a neighbor, because I was suddenly flush with toilet paper--They brought a total of 22 rolls to me!--and I knew she was having trouble getting it, too. We're all doing our best these days, and I love that it means some people are taking care of each other.


  1. That is so lovely of your friends, and of you to give it to your neighbour. Thankfully toilet paper has made a gradual reappearance here. It is still not normal supply, but there are places you can get it.

    1. I had actually ended up ordering some from Portugal just before the gifts began arriving. It's bright orange, but it will do in a crisis. It's hit or miss here, I think, but people are able to get it in local stores sometimes. You just really can't buy it online anywhere in the United States, and local delivery services are so swamped they won't bring me any, either! But people are helping each other (or looking for excuses to leave their homes because they are bored, maybe?) and I'm just trying to allow people to take care of me because, rationally, I should not be going out with an autoimmune disorder, and that shouldn't mean I just don't get toilet paper.

  2. Even in local stores, in the heart of the mainland, there’s no tp. Not in dollar or drug stores either It’s weird, I’ve never experienced anything like this. None!

  3. Your baked sweet potatoes sound amazing! That's so wonderful that your friends are looking out for you and that you're able to help your neighbor in turn!

  4. That is really amazing that you and your friends have been paying it forward with the toilet paper. It really makes you realize the stuff you take for granted. It also makes you appreciate the good people that show up during times like this rather than just noticing how selfish people can be as well. You and your friends are all wonderful and giving and thoughtful <3

    That stuffed sweet potato sounds incredible!


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