Sequestration Meal #244


Having given up on my extremely sad minestrone, I went looking for a recipe to use up some things I had already opened, like my half a tub of tofu. I scaled down and veganized this recipe from Vegetarian Times for Honey-Glazed Tofu on Pumpkin Seed Couscous. I used some of my dwindling jar of Bee Free Honee for the honey (though I know there are other brands, and I will find something in the end just as nice, I'm sure) and the rest of the recipe was vegan anyway, so it was just a matter of cutting it way down because I only had a half a block of tofu.

I loved this, and it was so quick! It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I think the only thing I'd say was that I'm not sure I liked the crunch of the pumpkin seeds in the couscous and I might leave them out next time, although pumpkin seeds are really nutritious and I don't think I eat them often enough. (I'm not a medical doctor; consult yours if you have questions about whether you should eat pumpkin seeds or anything else.)

After the parade of bad soups, this was a really welcome change, and I am happy to report that both smell and taste are in tact and I have no symptoms of coronavirus, dentist or no.


  1. Hurrah! A triumphant reutrn after the sad ministrone saga. I am a big fan of pumpkin seeds, but I think I mostly eat them with oats and in granola.

    1. I've never gotten into them much but I've tried. I like them, but I don't fully know what to do with them. I've had them for breakfast in various ways myself.


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