Sequestration Meal #279


I reached back into my own recipe files for this one: This is a sandwich of sunflower seed spread (my recipe), avocado, and spinach on multigrain bread; the last of my cucumber-tomato salad; and a handful of Dipsy Doodles.

Sandwiches are a photography challenge if I put them on a plate, so here's another angle.

I was planning on having the sandwich, salad, and a piece of fruit, but then I saw that I needed to finish off that bag of Dipsy Doodles, and the rest of the meal was feeling a bit too "healthy," so they were perfect here. Don't get me wrong. I want to be healthy! But the switch to multigrain bread sometimes poses a bit of a challenge. It's good, and yet, somehow not comforting (yet). I wanted/needed some comfort, and some crispy, salty things did that for me on this day.

The flavors in this sandwich balanced each other perfectly, though--I do highly recommend this combo! Sunflower seeds are inexpensive relative to a lot of other nuts and seeds in the vegan arsenal, too.


  1. Dipsy Doodles is such a fun name. We don't have that brand here, but if we did I would say it all the time.

    1. I think Dipsy Doodles are regional in the U.S. I never saw them until a few years ago myself! (Google tells me I'm right; they're limited to 15 states on the Eastern seaboard and a handful of neighboring states.) They're made by Wise Snacks and Dipsy Doodles also come in Barbecue flavor that is vegan! So I love to have them now and then.


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