A Review of New Things I Tried #1

I'm not getting any of my food from the places I used to most often get my food these days, so this means trying a lot of new things. To shake things up, because heaven knows I need something to break up the monotony, I decided to start a new occasional blog series to talk about some of those new things. I don't know how often this will come up, but I expect it to show up about as often as the breakfast roundups do.

Although I'm really enthusiastic about everything I tried for this post, this is not sponsored or anything. I just loved these things. I'm sure I will find things I don't like sooner or later. I'm not someone who truly loves everything I try! So this is just a nice surprise, to have liked it all.

1. Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea

This tea is amazing. It's billed as an herbal chai tea but it has strong notes of coffee because it's made of chicory and a slight chocolate flavor since it also has carob in it. I love it hot with some soy creamer and sugar, and I look forward to trying it over ice!

2. Stonyfield Organic Dairy Free Vanilla Yogurt

For this I got to break out my fuzzy photo backdrop so the yogurt wouldn't roll away! This is a soy-based yogurt, so it has a protein boost, but it is also one of the very best vegan yogurts I've ever had. I would eat this straight out of the carton happily, but it's also nice with toppings like berries and granola.

But unlike most such things, it doesn't need granola and/or berries. It's fine as it is. I can't wait to try other flavors of this yogurt if I can get them.

3. Amy's "Sunny" Chocolate Bar

I bought this candy bar thinking it would be similar to a GoMaxGo Mahalo bar or an Almond Joy. It was sort of like that, but so much better! While GoMaxGo mimics the Almond Joy bar pretty much perfectly, this one improves upon it. The filling is moist, almost like the frosting on a German chocolate cake, and the almonds are chopped up in it rather than whole. It was amazing. I can't quite believe it's vegan but the label says it explicitly, and I hope there will be many more Sunny bars in my future.

Have you tried any of these things before? Or have you been trying any new things?


  1. Yay for finding a yoghurt that you like! Vegan yoghurt is a minefield.

    I am going to enjoy seeing these posts! I put most of the new and/or random stuff I try into my midweek munchies posts.
    I hadn't heard that Amy's has chocolate bars! Not that they'd be available here probably. But it is always funto have more options.

    1. I think I have usually liked soy yogurt and almond yogurt (not always, but usually). Oat milk yogurt is universally awful. There are various other yogurts I may have blocked out of my mind.


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