A Review of New Things I've Tried #2

I promised you I'd find something I wasn't as crazy about, and this is the time! But there is also good stuff here, don't worry. I didn't think I'd post another one of these so soon, but I guess I'm trying lots of new things lately.

1. Bigelow's Ginger Snappish Tea

It was a bit weird to find this in the late summer. Either it's early prep for Christmastime or it's from last season. But it could be delivered to me and sounded interesting. Ginger Snappish tea is a lemon ginger tea with some spices added like cinnamon. It isn't bad, but it's not my favorite thing in the world, and I'm not so likely to buy it again. I think I'd prefer a straight ginger-cinnamon tea without the lemon. This tea is nicer iced than hot.

2. Seaweed Peanuts (Nuts.com)

A lot of my snacks are coming from Nuts.com these days. These seaweed peanuts are peanuts in a crispy seaweed-flavored rice cracker coating. I love these; I could eat them for days.

3. Kashi Chocolate Chip Chia Crunchy 7-Grain Bars with Quinoa

There's nothing that special about these bars. They have that vaguely "healthy" taste of things with a lot of whole grains, and the molasses gives them a slight aftertaste. They are definitely not granola bars, in my opinion, despite claiming to be! (Though the definition may be loose.) What is interesting about them is that they come two to a pack, and the two bars are scored so you could break them in half and have four skinny bars. I'm wondering what these would taste like with some nut butter sandwiched between them. The Kashi website suggests dipping them in yogurt. I do think this is something I'm not going to want to eat plain, and will need some doctoring up.


  1. Those seaweed peanuts sound so amazing! I will have to see if we have anything like that here.
    I often find with some teas that they sound better than they taste.

    1. If you can find any variety of cracker-coated peanuts, I would say you should try them--I've loved every one I've tried.

  2. Seaweed peanuts sound quite intriguing!


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