Recipe: Strawberry Limeade (Sonic Copycat)

Once upon a time, I would go to Sonic for a strawberry limeade when I really, really needed a treat. There isn't one close by but if I was willing to drive for an hour I could get one. (I haven't actually done this in years.) It was also something I'd make a point to get on a road trip if Sonic were out there calling me. It's one thing for which a road sign will get me to stop.

For those unfamiliar with the glories of Sonic, the drinks are often made with actual fruit in them; the strawberry limeade came with chunks of lime and pulverized strawberries in it and it tasted amazing.

I can't necessarily get all that many things in quarantine. But I can get strawberries and limes via restaurant supply deliveries, although I have to buy a whole bag of limes when I do. I bought a bag of key limes in my last delivery from Northeast Restaurant Direct and there were some strawberries that really needed to be used, and I'd just gotten a case of seltzer (from an office supply company--you've got to get creative), so it seemed obvious that this was what I needed to do.

Feel free to adjust the amounts of these things to suit your tastes. Some days I want more of a limeade with strawberries and other days I want to emphasize the strawberry-ness. This is also not nearly as sweet as a Sonic strawberry limeade would be, so if you want one more like theirs, you'll need to add more sugar.

Strawberry Limeade (Sonic Copycat)
Serves: 2, or 1 very thirsty person (I am usually a very thirsty person when it comes to this)

1/2 cup fresh strawberries, quartered
1-2 key limes
1 teaspoon sugar or your preferred sweetener (to taste)
1 can plain seltzer
Ice cubes

Put the strawberries into something you can use an immersion blender in. Juice the lime(s) over the strawberries. Add sugar.

Blend until you get a puree. It doesn't have to be totally smooth if you don't mind the occasional strawberry chunk.

Put ice in a large glass. Pour seltzer and strawberry-lime puree over the ice together, stirring gently if needed (but not too much--we want those bubbles!). Put what's left of the limes after they've been juiced into the drink (but make sure there aren't any seeds).

Enjoy immediately.


  1. Thank you so much! I’ve never thought to create this at home. It’s usually cherry limeade here but strawberries are cheap at the moment, but must be used within a day or 2. I work in the hood but there’s a convenience store very close which sells cheap produce. I’m going to get strawberries tomorrow for this! Fantastic and thanks again!

    1. Sonic does sell cherry limeades, too, but those were my mother's drink--and I think they used maraschino cherries rather than fresh. You could probably make that with a combination of the maraschino cherry juice and lime juice instead of the sugar and strawberry puree.

  2. You’re totally right but I never knew the strawberry version existed! With real fruit!

  3. Oooh, yum! I love fruity drinks like this. And I love making them at home because I don't do fizzy drinks (except for sipping on some kombucha) as my body doesn't process the fizzy so if I make them at home I use water or coconut water (the best!) instead of the fizzy.

    1. It is some sort of dispute between the US and England about whether lemonades, limeades, etc. should have bubbles. Usually here they don't. Sonic is an exception and that may be part of what made it magical for me. But you could definitely make this with still water.

  4. Looks like a really fun drink; that's great that you were able to recreate it!


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